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With the recent implementation of multi-colored H2-style flags for H3SW we have one less problem with the adventure map neatness. In fact, now we are able to make 100% waterproof Heroes 2 graphics so no one will be able to distinguish a cheap mod from the game.

The flags are implemented with the use of DLL plugin for Era 2 made by Feanor (, which must be put in EraPlugins folder. Basically, this plugin forces the game to search for a flagged object and check its alignment ( No Player, Player 1-8 ). After getting object alignment, the game will now replace specific color addresses with custom ones according to it. This "hue-like" color shift allows to transform standard yellow flag to the player colors:

There are a few important things you must know while trying to create new flagged objects:

1. You must switch to 8-bit BMP (I prefer Photoshop) before adding the flag. The color table for indexed colors can be found here:

2. Download the 8-bit BMP image of default yellow flag:

3. You must add this flag to the image. Don't change any color in the flag or use these colors elsewhere! You are allowed only to modify the flagstaff if you don't like its height/shape, but don't use any color from the flag itself - otherwise you risk to get dynamically changing pixels.

4. Save image as 8-bit BMP with the color table from paragraph 1.

5. Pack the DEF file in the latest version of DefTool by sergroj (version 3.3 or higher)" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">

6. Launch the game and check if everything's alright.

I hope that's been helpful, have fun!

P.S. The principle of this feature lies in specific colors of the flag. Its colors are different from classic Heroes 2 yellow flag: every color is shifted to 1 point towards red in RGB coordinates. It is not noticeable by human eyes (so there is no trouble the colors stand out from H2 palette), but the game recognizes these colors and works them out carefully without touching classic yellow colors which are very likely to appear in map objects outside the flag area of the image.


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