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Hello everyone!

I read about the missing bios of the dervish heroes, and because i like writing very much, i tried to make bios for every heroe (except Orzie :O).

Nevertheless i don´t know if they are worth using them in this great mod or if my english is skilled enough.

I think the best solution is that i show you the bios, and maybe you can use it or make them better.


Joseph was long time ago a very noble lord. One day he discovered his magical potential – what sounds both, useful and powerful, become a nightmare for the once aristocrat. He burned his properties and was forced to go in exile. Luckily he claimed asylum from the dervishes. Now, years later, he is one of their mightiest mages, with an affinity to fire.




Elderian always wanted to travel through the deadly deserts of Enroth to find secrets and treasures of the ancients. More than one time he escaped by hair´s breadth – maybe because of his ability to react faster than any of his enemies. This skill he also teach his armies; with great success.




Draconia is rather a witch than a dervish. She prefers the putrid and foul swamps more than the hot and merciless realms of the dervishes. Nevertheless Draconias thirst for knowledge was bigger than her preferences – and her fascination for medusas should be very useful for the dervishes. No one can control these creatures better than Draconia.




Martine’s father was the “false” prince of thieves of Enroth. When the thieves’ guild was shattered, she was forced to flee. Now she tries to rebuild the guild, with great success. Martine is said to be the “new” prince of thieves´ - or better the new princess.




Jarkonas built a long time ago a great empire by uniting the barbarian and nomadic tribes of Enroth. Nevertheless, even great barbarian kings have to become older and even have to die. His heir was insufficient in Jarkonas eyes to rule the kingdom instead of his father. Rumour has it that in the desert realms of the dervishes there should exist a fountain of youth, and because of this, Jarkonas is travelling with a group of faithful nomads in search for the waters of life.

Ibn Fadlan


Ibn Fadlan is a mage with great energy reserves. After years of studying he was even able to increase his magical skills. Now it seems that he has endless reserves of mana and he is willing to show his talents in the services of the dervishes.




It is said that Ivan is stupid, more than stupid, he seems to be empty-headed. Unable to read, Ivan will never become a great mage, but maybe because of this weakness, he can resist magic better than any other one in the dervish realms. This fact has made him a great general in the dervish ranks.




Solmyrs greatest wish is to find a genie lamp. Should he ever find one, his only wish would be to become also a genie, and get magical potential beyond imagination. That he would also become immortal is a pleasant side effect. Only one problem remains – genies have master, but maybe Solmyr can find a way out.




Marcus father was the leader of a nomadic tribe in the deserts of Enroth. Their concept of leading the tribe was very different. While his father was brutal and rude, Marcus prefers an intelligent and charismatic style of ruling. The elder of the tribe respects him and he can live in peace with his tribe, until war threats the desert lands, then he will fight to protect his tribe and the dervish realms.





A legend of the dervish said that one time a deity will arrive. It is said that Varathak is this deity because when he arrived, the Anubites arrived with him. Mostly he is hiding somewhere in the desert, observing the dervishes, but when they pray and need his help he protects the people in the dervish realms and sometimes he is showing himself, leading the Anubites. Maybe he is really a god, or an other powerful entity.



Sulman is something like the arch mage of the dervish acolytes. They worship him, and everyone tries to follow in his footsteps. Maybe Sulman is old, but not ready to die. He will teach his skills and spells to the next generation of acolytes and maybe, one day, he is willing to die, but this day seems to be far away.




Alberon was once a lord, fighting the undead in Enroth with devotion that could be called fanatic. His success against the undead hordes based on his brilliant artillery. After the end of the war against the necromantic threat, he was no longer needed and Alberon searched a new task. Nowadays he is showing the dervish people how to create ballista’s like no others which brought him both, riches and respect.




Dalia is a child of the desert. She grew up in the hot realms of this hostile environment. Already in her youth she loved scorpions. Dalia was able to tame these animals better than anyone other. Nowadays she is using this skill for the dervishes. Her scorpions are better than the ones of the other generals in the dervish army.




Tumurs biggest pride is his armour and the sword of his great-grandfather. He trained with this sword for years and now he can break any defence easily. The sword is said to be magic but this is not the point. Tumur is one of the greatest fighters in the service of the dervishes and magic blade or not, he is a fierce enemy.




Ethania never showed her face because of the countless scars. To preserve other people against her fate, she studied healing magic. Now finished with studying, Ethania is one of the greatest medic in the dervish realms and it is said that she owns “healing hands”.

I hope that i could help you a little bit and i would be glad if you could give me a feedback. ;)


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Sorry for our absence, since we have new forum, we hardly ever visit this site. You should definitely check ! Your bios perfectly fits the SW atmosphere, but I am afraid we already have all heroes' histories. However, I will show it our leader, maybe he will approve your work too ;) You could also think about plot for new campaign; the more ideas the better :)

"They came from the depths of the Void,
an ancient Enemy of an ancient People..."
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