The Succession Wars Mod

Beta Mod Download

Here you can download the mod beta available in the link below:

Link 1: ( This is not the link for Testers )

Link 2: ( This is not the link for Testers )



 Watch the Instructions Video:

 Or, read the instructions below:

 In order for this mod to work you need the latest version of ERA, which can be found

First install ERA over CLEAN SoD or Heroes Complete.
In your CLEAN SoD ( Shadow of Death ) or Heroes Complete folder, place the zipped file in the \mods folder, unzip, and it should extract a folder called '1 H2 Succession Wars'. ( Do not rename the file. )
Once that's done, in the tools folder created by ERA open Mod Manager folder and run 'modsmann' to enable the mod. You must  disable all other mods apart from wog which should be placed below 1 H2 Succession Wars Mod. The screen should look like this:
Run h3era go to 'New Game' and press the 'Options' button. Move to the bottom where it says 'Custom Scripts' where you can see options made specifically for this mod. Make sure that the option 'Necessary Succession Wars Mod Script' is checked. The other options in Custom Scripts are for your liking. 

 ( Please do not choose to play as 'Heretic' as this castle is still in progress and has no been completed - it has been turned off for the Computer to play )

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